Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be an attendant that stays with the fountain?

Absolutely! You are purchasing a service, not just renting a fountain. Our friendly attendants arrive approximately 1 hour before the agreed serve time to set the table, display your Dipping Delights, and get the chocolate flowing. We serve your guests for 3 hours before breaking down and taking everything away to be cleaned off site.

2. Can we supply our own Dipping Delights?

Yes! We have priced our services 2 ways. We can do everything, including providing your Dipping Delights. But if you choose, you may purchase, prep, and have your food ready to go for us when we arrive at your venue. You would just pay us to provide your full service fountain service. * Please remember if you choose to do this, the food ( strawberries, Pineapple, etc.) need to be cleaned, cut, and placed in ziploc type gallon bags for us to take care of. We still provide everything else, including serving bowls. The fruit would have to be prepared either the night before the event, or the morning of.

3. Can we have a chocolate fountain outside?

As long as we are in a tent, it is perfectly fine. We need to be shielded from the wind. A windy day and flowing chocolate do not mix well together!


4. If I have left over chocolate, can I keep it?

Yes! Just provide us with a ‘Rubbermaid’ type bowl with lid. Leave it under our table. When we are cleaning up, we will drain the chocolate from the fountain in the container and place it back under the table!

5. Do you do nacho or queso fountains?

Yes! It is a nice addition to your Taco Bar or Nacho Bar! Call us for pricing!


6. Do we need to provide an extension cord?

 We always have an extension cord, but you’ll want to make sure our table is placed so your guests won’t trip on the cord.

 7. If my guest count is 225, but I only want enough chocolate and Dipping Delights for 150 guests, can I do that? I am having cupcakes too, so I don’t think I will need the chocolate fountain for my full guest count.

We hear this so often. We can tell you from past experience, you will definitely have cupcakes leftover before anything on your chocolate fountain table. You can do this, but just know, we do leave when we run out of food when the guest count is short. The reason being it makes us look like we don’t know how to calculate the food needed for the guest count. The guests that didn’t get to enjoy the chocolate fountain are pretty disappointed. For this reason, we highly recommend coordinating the correct amount. Contact us for help calculating your chocolate fountain needs or if you have any other questions!